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I'm a rock

I'm a rock.
I’m in your sock.
I’m hiding in your shoe.
Maybe I won’t hurt you.
I’m a rock.

I’m a rock.
I could jam your lock.
People will come in
And you won’t be seen again.
I’m a rock.

I’m a rock
I can cause a shock.
Falling form the sky,
You no longer have an eye
I’m a rock.

I’m a rock,
A chip off of a block.
Shrapnel from a stone,
I’m now stuck inside your bone.
I’m a rock.

I’m a rock.
I’m just for show.
So many died to get me.
They were miners you don’t know.
I’m a rock.

I’m a rock.
I’m covered by moss.
I sit in one spot.
I’m where your wallet was lost.
I’m a rock.

I’m a rock.
I will break your fall.
If the cliff is tall,
You’ll be lucky if you can crawl.
I’m a rock.

I'm a rock.
Wrapped in snow.
They think you used ice.
Perhaps they'll never know...
I'm a rock.
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