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bored loser
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bored loser community

this is a little unorganized right now. there's this chat room on aol called "bored loser" that some of us have been going to since approx. 3 years ago. we have fun and we are weird. we decided to extend this to LJ so that as we slowly drop our respective AOL accounts, we can still keep in touch. ..secondly, we want new people. interesting people. so yeah. join. talk about whatever you want. befriend us. we like cool people.

trite_humor is the only moderator for now because she just figured out how to work this.

if you feel like joining, make an introductory post saying something about yourself in a NONBORING way. also: please post a picture, if at all possible.

in essence - post random things that will decrease the level of boredom. they can be dirty, we don't care, but *please* lj-cut x-rated pictures. thank ya!

if you want to come in our chatroom, just send an IM over to ohwhatahit, helloimgod, or oh lush on AIM. ta!